Monday, May 30, 2016

Comparing to Hitler

From a NY Times article comparing Trump to Hitler, I learn:
Some opponents have likened Donald J. Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini; supporters call that a smear tactic.
The NY Times does not call it a smear tactic. The paper does everything to convince you that Trump is Hitler, and only a pro-Trump Nazi would deny it.

The article even finds a Libertarian who says Trump is like Hitler, because Trump is against open borders. The Libertarians need to learn that we cannot have freedom, democracy, and open borders. When they support open borders, they are acting against freedom.

Hitler was primarily a socialist, and today's socialists are in the Democrat Party. If you want to see socialism in action, just look at Venezuela or Cuba.

Hitler was also a warmonger, and Hillary Clinton is the biggest warmonger in prominent American politics today.

And the NY Times has become an anti-American newspaper. If nothing else, the Trump candidacy has clarified the distinction between loyal Americans and anti-Americans. Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, and others supposed conservatives have been reveals as Republicans in name only. Democrats like Clinton and Obama have been revealed as traitors, and as actively working towards a white genocide.

Another biased NY Times article is mocked by the Daily Stormer, a site that is not intimidated by Nazi name-calling.

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