Monday, May 23, 2016

Pastor is confused about LGBT

NPR Radio reports:
As churches seek understanding about the LGBT community, a Dallas pastor wrote a blog post sharing seven things he learned about transgender people.

NPR is cheering him for a blog post with this lesson:
7. Transgender persons are the product of nature much more than nurture. Debate the origins of homosexuality if you’d like and what role nature vs. nurture plays. But for those who are transgender, nature undeniably plays a primary role. According to medical science, chromosomal variances occur within moments of conception, and anatomical development happens within the nine months in the womb. There is no nature vs. nurture argument, except in cases of brain development, which is an emerging field of study.
No, this is not correct. Bruce (aka Caityn) Jenner does not have any "chromosomal variance" or anything like that. There is no medical science that nature plays a primary role.

Medical science says that transgenderism is a mental disorder.

Wingfield concludes:
This last point in particular raises the largest of theological questions. If Christians really believe every person is created in the image of God, how can we damn a baby who comes from the womb with gender dysphoria? My pediatrician friend puts it this way: “We must believe that even if some people got a lower dose of a chromosome, or an enzyme, or a hormonal effect, that does not mean that they got a lower dose of God’s image.”

I don’t know much about transgender issues, but I’m trying to learn — in part because I want to understand the way God has made us. For me, this is a theological quest as much as a biological inquiry or a political cause. How about you?
His theology is as bad as his medical science.

Christianity teaches that Man is afflicted with original sin, ever since Eve ate the forbidden fruit. That sin is determined in the womb.

Medical science has shown that many criminal and sinful tendencies have genetic causes or are determined in the womb.

If this pastor is going to make excuses for all of that, when what is left to preach about?

His other points are dubious also:
4. Transgender persons are not transvestites. Far too many of us mix these up, in part because the words sound similar and we have no real knowledge of either. Cross-dressers, identified in slang as “transvestites,” are people (typically men) who are happy with their gender but derive pleasure from occasionally dressing like the opposite gender. Cross-dressing is about something other than gender identity.
Again, not correct. Many, if not most, are transvestites. Bruce Jenner is an example, as he does not appear to truly identify as a woman. He just likes the act and the attention.
5. Transgender persons are not pedophiles. The typical profile of a pedophile is an adult male who identifies as heterosexual and most likely even is married. There is zero statistical evidence to link transgender persons to pedophilia.
Bruce Jenner also identified as a heterosexual male, and was married 3 times.

I don't know if anyone claims that people with chromosomal abnormalities are more likely to be pedophiles. The concern, I assume, is that men who want to use the ladies bathroom are more likely to be pedophiles, and represent a threat.

With all the debate over policies encouraging people to use opposite-gender bathroom, we ought to have some real data on who wants to do that.

The current Time mag cover story is a pro-trans opinion piece, and says:
For decades, men has sometimes been caught and prosecuted for entering women's restrooms or dressing rooms, either in drag or dressed as men, to watch or film women. The laws and rules requiring sex separation did not prove a deterrent in those cases.

This is like saying: People have committed murder, theft, and other crimes for millennia, and the laws did not prove a deterrent in those cases. Maybe the laws did not deter those particular crimes, but the laws have certainly deterred and reduced crime.

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