Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The zoo had to kill the gorilla

The NY Times reports:
It seemed like quick thinking when the Cincinnati Zoo shot to death a gorilla that was manhandling a small boy who had fallen into its enclosure on Saturday afternoon.

But soon supporters of animal rights were organizing a vigil outside the zoo in remembrance of the gorilla, named Harambe, a male weighing more than 420 pounds. Online petitions circulated blaming the mother of the child for negligence. By Monday the chorus of outrage had reached such an intense pitch that the zoo held a news conference to defend itself. ...

The boy’s mother, however, has certainly not been at peace. On Twitter, Facebook and other forums, tens of thousands of people have expressed vitriol over her failure to keep the boy out of trouble.

By late Monday, an online petition had garnered more than 180,000 signatures calling for her to be investigated by law enforcement and child protective services agencies for possible child neglect. The Cincinnati police said on Monday that they had no such plans.

In hundreds of comments on the petition, supporters said Harambe, an innocent animal, had not deserved to die.
Just what makes this animal innocent?

If you are anthropomorphizing a gorilla, it was threatening to kill a small child. A human would be killed for doing that.

The gorilla lovers would probably say that it was too dumb to realize what it was doing. Okay, fine, but is that why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton rush to the defense of blacks who attempt murder?

It is bad enuf to excuse the gorilla, but it is disgusting to blame the victims (mom and child) for going to the zoo. Visiting the zoo is not child neglect.

These animal rights creeps are really sick. So are the social justice warriors.

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Anonymous said...

You think that it's bad enuf to excuse the gorilla. You think that the gorilla is to blame for the child ending up in the cage ? What do you think the gorilla did to get the child in the cage ? Maybe because the child was black, the two were able to communicate with each other ? The gorilla could have explained to the child how to get in the cage. The gorilla was 17 years old and the child was only 3. A 17-year-old might be very persuasive or thought like a 3-year-old. How persuasive were you at 17, and how much time do you spend thinking like a 3-year-old ? Do you have any experience luring small children into places ? You claim to know how gorilla lovers might think, but I'd guess that you know even more about how to lure small children and think like a 3-year-old.