Saturday, May 21, 2016

Save dogs, not people

The NY Times reports that its readers think it is unethical to extend human lives, but they are all in favor of prolonging dog lives:
In fact, many readers of our article about rapamycin claimed they would just say no to such a drug. Rapamycin was tested during a study of dogs at the University of Washington to see if it could slow aging without too many harsh side effects.

Lisa Wesel of Maine spoke for many who argued that trying to extend life was like playing God.

“This is disturbing on so many levels,” she said. ...

Perhaps the most passionate voices, though, came from readers completely unconcerned about human life span.

“Not sure I want to live forever, but my dog? YES!” exclaimed Brian from Montana.

“I don’t want to live longer, but if dogs could live longer that would be wonderful,” a reader named Mary mused. “Beloved dogs are too soon gone from our lives.”

“The heck with human research — I just want my dogs to live longer,” Durt from Los Angeles said.
Meanwhile, BuzzFeed trashes a social-justice-warrior big-shot Yale ethics professor. Supposedly he uses his fame and influence to manipulate much younger women in his field into sexual relationships. I don't know about that, but why was anyone listening to his foolish leftist ideas about global justice anyway?

Update: Professor Pogge responds. He is innocent until proven guilty, and I did not bother to read the details. I am just amused to see the SJWs backstab one of their own.

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Anonymous said...

In the ethics professor case, did the woman use her looks to her advantage to gain a position she would otherwise not have been able to get? I have seen that sort of thing before also. The professor with a lust for the young women is age old.

Anyone that has spent any degree of real time in Academia knows that this sort of thing goes on. Young female students use their sexuality to gain the favor of the older male professor. Seen it far too many times to not know it takes two to tango. The thing is, some of these women expect to be able to use their sexuality to get what they want without the professor acting on temptation. That is, these women expect that there will be no pay off. One could argue the professor was acting ethically by demanding payment for a service. Let us open a can of worms to see them wriggle around.

I know of a case in which a young and sexually attractive female student was going to fail the year and get kicked out of university, and she used her sexuality to get a professor to send her on a year abroad where she could resit her exams a year later and have a nice cushy time in a foreign country, all expenses paid, of course. But I guess SJWs would not think that unethical. That would just be empowerment. You have to be white and male to qualify for evil these days.