Sunday, May 15, 2016

Barack and Michelle are trans

One thing that might explain recent political events is that Barack Obama is really a woman, and Michelle is really a man.

Check out the YouTube videos on Michelle Obama is a man, Barack Obama is a homosexual, and Barack Obama is a man.

Barack's publicly-released birth certificate says that he is male, but that is not the original. He could have gotten a court order to change it, based on the gender that he currently identifies with.

Admittedly, it is wildly implausible that the couple could have so many people so badly fooled. But watch the videos. They make surprisingly strong arguments.


Anonymous said...

Strong argument ? They say that Obama is a clone with a demon in his body ? How do you figure they pulled off having 2 children ?

Anonymous said...

all i have to say is that if i meet either of them in the men's room, i'll try to shake Barack's hand and kiss Michele's cheek... and congratulate both for being exceptional human beings and doing excellent jobs.