Thursday, May 26, 2016

Her hero is a moral philosopher

Here is an anonymous rant by a female grad student who had an affair with an old professor:
My hero is a moral philosopher, who devotes his life to global justice. ... I remember worrying about the possibility that he must already have someone in his life, and my friends reassuring me that he wouldn’t be inviting me to his room if he did. He must be a good man, this moral philosopher. He has, after all, devoted his life to global justice. ...

I said that like the ADULT African women who choose to undergo female genital mutilation because they couldn’t find husbands, like my aunts and grandmothers who had no choice but to bitterly endure watching their middle-aged husbands gallivanting around town with women half their age, his partner’s choice to stay with him is not as a result of free choice, given more favorable and dignified conditions. I am not blaming him for patriarchy, but I am citing him as an example. ...

I should’ve never met my hero, because when I did I found out that, just like his mentor (another famous philosopher), he vehemently refused to subject the private sphere to assessments of justice. I found out that it wasn’t true that he hasn’t had sex for many years, and that I was joining a list of his secret mistresses. The one before me was a 22-year-old virgin, his student in a summer school. Most of my predecessors were sexually inexperienced young women. I was an aberration from his type, he said, for I was not as inexperienced as he usually prefers them to be. He confessed to being unable to find to experienced women closer to his age attractive, to having a preference for innocent and inexperienced young women because older, experienced women remind him of his god-awful mother.
According to this leftist philosopher, the moral philosopher is same one who is accused by another girl.

You are probably expecting me to say he is a hypocrite, or something like that. No, my reaction is a little different.

Pogge is a philosopher pushing "global justice", and that whole field is all about trying to value people on the other side of the world higher than your own family, and in imposing your morals on them.

So he would probably complain about Moslem African female circumcision reinforcing the patriarchy, regardless the women want it or not, and regardless of the local culture.

So of course he disrespects his wife. He disrespects everyone who has done anything for him.

These professors are also white-haters, so it makes sense that he would go after young non-white girls who idolize his moral stances.

My gripe is that Yale college students are learning moral philosophy from creeps like this. He just teaches white guilt, and blames white people for everything. He has some sort of weird fetish for seducing non-white virgins who are impressed by his white hatred.

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