Friday, July 12, 2019

Women cannot distinguish fantasies from reality

A Nautilus article explains why imagination and memories are so similar in the brain:
It’s long been common knowledge that imaginings are re-combinations of bits from memory. But now we’re seeing that the act of recalling something that happened to you looks very much like what happens when you imagine something new.
A large number of women have fantasies about having sexual relations with the President. After a while, it becomes impossible for the women to distinguish the memory of a real event from the memory of a fantasy.

A recent accuser got a lot of publicity, and many wondered whether she was telling the truth. That is the wrong question, as it is unlikely that she knows whether she is telling the truth. Her book told a lot of wild stories, so she probably has many fantasies and real experiences, and she cannot distinguish them. A reporter found a couple of women who said that she should be believed, but of course they say that all women should be believed.

Netflix has convinced the public that a confession could be a false confession, even if it is videorecorded in the presence of parents and lawyers and results in a long prison term. If so, then a MeToo confession can be a false one also. If someone might confess falsely and get a 40-year prison term, then someone might confess falsely to get a million-dollar book contract.

Here is a MeToo allegation in today's news:
For a year, Araoz said, she was brainwashed into giving Epstein massages while wearing only her underwear. He would masturbate until he finished — and then leave her $300.

But in 2002, Araoz claimed, Epstein told her to remove her underwear because he wanted to “try something a little bit different.”
Epstein is a creep with deep pockets, and the vultures are closing in on him. It sounds as if the accuser suddenly remembered this story after 17 years, and after signing a deal with a lawyer to make a claim.

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