Saturday, July 20, 2019

Brooks doubles down on destroying whites

NY Times columnist, and fake conservative, David Brooks writes:
Trump’s campaign is an attack on that dream. The right response is to double down on that ideal. The task before us is to create the most diverse mass democracy in the history of the planet — a true universal nation.
Here, "diverse" means having as many non-whites as possible.

Who is the "us"? NY Times Jews? Liberal Democrats? Lizard people?

Trump stands for traditional Americanism. Brooks and his "us" are elitists carrying out the task of marginalizing white Christians, opening the borders, and turning America non-white.

And why is that a worthwhile task for Brooks and his kind? Brooks has said again and again that he despises Trump and people like him with every bone in his body. Brooks would rather destroy America than let it be dominated by white Christians.

I also saw Brooks on the PBS-TV news hour, where he is supposed to be the Republican balance to the left-wing Mark Shields. But they are both left-wing Trump-haters, and they had the same opinions.

Another Jewish NY Times columnist Bret Stephens writes:
But you do have to recognize that the newest immigrants have as much claim to the country and its lawful freedoms as any other American. That would certainly include Minnesota’s Representative Ilhan Omar, whose rights must be defended every bit as vigorously as many of her views should be opposed.
Why? I think Stephens is a citizen of Israel. Israel made him a citizen because he is a Jew. Omar is a Moslem. Moslems do not believe in American values. She appears to have come to the USA by immigration fraud. Whether that was true or not, it was a mistake to take her.

A lot of Jews attack Omar for being anti-Semitic, so you would think that they would be happy that Pres. Trump attacks her also. But no. Yet another Jewish NY Times columnist, Michelle Goldberg, has a whole column on how Jews should welcome anti-Semites like Omar as long as they are anti-Trump. She concludes:
Jews have thrived here as they have in few other places in the world because America at least aspires to be a multiethnic democracy, not an ethnostate. If Trump succeeds in making citizenship racialized and contingent, that’s an existential threat to American Jews.
This is a good example of crazy Jewish thinking.

I thought that it was considered anti-Semitic to attribute such views to Jews, but the NY Times has a bunch of Jewish columnists who write this stuff all the time. And they act as if they are speaking for a Jewish consensus that is to be imposed on everyone else. There is no other ethnic group that writes and talks like this.


MikeAdamson said...

"Moslems do not believe in American values"

None of them do? What about the ones who have enlisted in your armed forces? I mean, why bother if they don't believe in American values? Sweeping generalizations do not constitute knowledge in my opinion.

Roger said...

People enlist in the armed forces for a variety of reasons, including money, benefits, education, career advancement, travel, and simply enjoying the work and lifestyle.

If I said that Moslems believe in Allah, you would complain that there are exceptions. See the above articles for many generalizations, if you want to nitpick.