Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dalai Lama Says ‘Europe is For Europeans’

For centuries, few people doubted that Europe is For Europeans, and that women should be attractive. Now it takes an elderly Tibetan Buddhist to say the obvious, and the Western news media pretends to be offended.

From last year:
Dalai Lama has said that Europe might become “Muslim or African” if the refugees who have been taken in aren’t returned to their home countries. The Buddhist spiritual leader said that only a “limited number” of migrants must be allowed to stay in Europe. He has been living in India as a refugee since fleeing Tibet in 1959.

Dalai Lama Says ‘Europe is For Europeans’

The 83-year old believes that Europe should offer education to refugees then send them back to their homelands. When asked about what should happen if migrants were to end up staying in their adopted countries, Dalai Lama responded by saying that a limited number of refugees is okay. However, it would be impossible if all of Europe became a Muslim country or an African country.

The Dalai Lama repeated his claims saying that ‘Europe is for Europeans,’ in response to his status as a refugee
And now this:
The Dalai Lama has reiterated his desire that if a woman succeeds him, she better be good looking.

“If [a] female Dalai Lama comes, then she should be more attractive,” the 83-year-old spiritual guru told BBC News in a wide-ranging interview that aired Wednesday.

BBC reporter Rajini Vaidyanathan pressed him on his original comments from 2015, in which he said that his female successor “must be attractive, otherwise it is not much use.”
The interviewer said: “Can you see why that comment upset a lot of women?” But of course women are much more preoccupied with female beauty than men are.

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