Monday, July 15, 2019

Celebrating the Fourth is White, a typical leftist site, posts this anti-Trump rant:
Donald Trump is one of the best storytellers in recent political memory because of his skill in manipulating the emotions of the audience. ... Trump's Fourth of July event was a great example of these gifts. ...

White Christian conservatives are a key constituency for today's Republican Party, and many of them apparently believe that Donald Trump is a messenger and savior sent to them by God. White conservatives, especially right-wing Christians, also believe they are in a literal, existential struggle for survival against black and brown people and "the secular world."

Donald Trump has combined these attributes and further weaponized them in the form of overt white supremacy and white identity politics. In this right-wing social imaginary Donald Trump stands as savior and father figure. Loyalty and obedience to Trump provides life and salvation to his followers.
This essay does not even quote anything from Trump! Instead it complains that his recent July 4 speech did not say anything about immigrants.

Got that? A white politician is a white supremacist if he fails to credit non-white immigrants.

Trump never says anything white supremacist, or white nationalist, or white identity political. It is the Democrats and his other enemy who inject anti-white racial matters into everything.

The NY Times has an article by a black woman who says she was bused two hours a day, and it worked because nobody can learn anything in a predominantly black school. It narrowed the white-black test scores, she says.

This article is much more white supremacist than anything Trump says. It is anti-white identity politics. It is written to boost the chances of Kamala Harris, who doesn't have much going for her except that she is a non-white female. She has a white grandparent and a Jewish husband, but she is campaigning on anti-white, anti-male identity politics.

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