Saturday, July 06, 2019

Daily attacks from the NY Times

A Jewish NY Times columnist writes:
The United States and Britain would then be led by men with striking similarities, and not just on the hair front: two charlatans and narcissists with flimsy notions of the truth, utterly unprincipled, given to racist slurs, skilled practitioners of the politics of spectacle, manipulators of fear, nationalist traffickers in an imaginary past of radiant greatness, fabulists of reborn glory, with giant holes at their centers where conscience and integrity went missing.
Of course he would be claiming anti-semitism, if anyone said this about a Jew.

Another Jewish NY Times columnist praises a German woman as a heroine, because she smuggles African migrants into Italy.

Another Jewish NY Times story complains that the better NY schools have white teachers, and hence not diverse enough.

There is a big article complaining that the most prominent art critics are white. It counts Jews and gays as being white.

Another NY Times column complains that close to half of Republicans view the news media as “the enemy of the people.” He complains that Republicans are against the First Amendment, but nearly all the forces of censorship in America today are from Democrats. He praises Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Lincoln, but of course all of them would be considered White supremacists today.

There are probably a bunch more anti-white anti-gentile articles in today's paper, but that is all I read so far. This garbage is printed every day. If there were prizes for hate speech, the NY Times would be winning.

Update: This comment explains how censorship has become almost entirely an activity of the Left:
Say what you will about the right but I've never had a right wing website censor me, hell go to any right wing website and say you're a Bernie Bro and see what happens...they will make fun of you, probably call you a moron , but they won't censor you.

Now go to a left wing website like HuffPo or Daily Kos and say you are for any right winger or their stance and see what happens...I'll yourself erased pretty damn quickly didn't ya?

You don't see the right calling to ban Colbert or Maddow or anybody else, oh they will make fun of them and make memes, I personally enjoyed the "Rachel Madcow Russia meme" where they spliced together how many times she said Russia on one episode, I quit counting at like 23 and it just kept going, but they don't censor. Its the left you see calling for shadowbans, removing those they do not agree with from platforms, and erasing people from history like a good Stalinist.

And when it comes down to it if the choice is a bunch of assholes where I'm allowed to point and say "they are a bunch of assholes!" or a bunch of social justice Marxist wannabes that tries to erase anything they don't agree with as "badthink"? I'll go with the assholes, at least they aren't trying to tape my mouth shut, dox me, or bash my head in with a bike chain because i don't buy their bullshit.
That's right. The Right believes in free speech, while the Left believes in censorship. I occasionally see articles by leftists criticizing Facebook and Twitter for censorship, but they always urge a different and more aggressive form of censorship.

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