Sunday, July 21, 2019

Whites are now forced into identity politics

The NY Times reports:
Surveys show fears among some white people that they are losing status in America, and those holding such views are increasingly aligned with the Republican Party. These voters perceive anti-white discrimination. A growing share say the nation risks losing its identity because of openness to foreigners. And many are concerned about what it will mean when non-Hispanic whites lose majority status, as demographic projections suggest will happen around 2045. ...

Research is beginning to suggest that white voters who have long been politically motivated by their views of other groups may be starting to think of their own group as an explicit identity. In that sense, they appear for the first time in the Trump era to be thinking about themselves in ways that mirror how minorities have long thought about group identity. ...

The evidence that racial attitudes now play an important role in vote choice among white voters is overwhelming. ...

In this environment, polls show that a substantial number of white voters believe they face discrimination. They appear to be concerned that employers and schools may give preference to nonwhite candidates.

They don’t understand why cultural norms encourage nonwhite racial groups, but not white people, to openly identify with and celebrate their race. They might even resent that there’s no “white history” month, something that 29 percent of whites say they support.
I think this is correct. Until recently, Whites did not identify with other Whites politically.

In the last ten years or so, the Democrat party and those who control the media have become openly anti-White. I don't just mean promoting things like Black History Month. All of the Democrat presidential candidates now support open borders, and argue that it is good to reduce Whites to minority status. All support policies that favor non-whites over Whites. Several support a tax on White people to pay Blacks, calling it reparations. Jewish columnists advocate subjugating Whites at every opportunity. Amazon, Google, and other tech companies systematically censor anyone expressing White identity. Some are even being imprisoned on phony charges.

Pres. Trump hasn't caused any of this. He has very little interest in racial identity. If anything, he has slowed the trends. The identity politics would have been much worse if Trump had lost the 2016 election. Whites are switching to Trump only because they are being expelled from the Democrat party, and also treated as deplorable by the Jewish media.

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