Friday, July 19, 2019

Anglin fined for triggering a troll storm

The NY Times reports:
In his opinion, the judge, Jeremiah Lynch, also recommended that the publisher, Andrew Anglin, be made to remove all blog posts from the website, The Daily Stormer, that encouraged readers to contact the woman, Tanya Gersh, and her family. ...

Ms. Spencer wrote a blog post that accused Ms. Gersh, a real estate agent in Whitefish, Mont., of threatening and extorting her to sell a building and break ties with her son. Mr. Anglin then called for the “troll storm” by his readers.
Jeremiah Lynch is a funny name for a judge in this case. Here is the offending post, if you want to see for yourself. Reportedly, Anglin does not even live in the USA, as he has fled harassment. Anglin's post is offensive, but I am not sure why it is more actionable than what Gersh has done.

In the lawsuit, Gersh acknowledged that the whole dispute started when she organized a mob action to run Ms. Spencer out of town and take her property, because of Spencer's son's pro-Trump election celebration and other political views.

There will probably be no appeal and no payment, so magistrate Lynch might have the last word on the subject.

Anglin has an argument that he is the most censored person in America. He had a domain name stolen by Google, because Google does not approve of his political views. His site and social media accounts have been banned by many others.

I am not sure he is a real person. He seems to have others writing for him anonymously. While he uses slurs and derogatory language about groups, so does the NY Times. There is no free speech unless offensive speakers like Anglin and the NY Times can express their opinions.

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