Sunday, April 28, 2019

Obesity in the genes

SciAm reports:
Our weight—though of course influenced by factors such as diet and exercise—can be frustratingly genetic. Scads of gene variants, differences in single letters of the genetic code, have been associated with being overweight.

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute have now developed a scoring system they believe can reliably predict people’s obesity risk through life based on their genome. The study behind the scale’s development was published April 18 in the journal Cell. The possibility of administering a routine test, the authors contend, could help destigmatize obesity as stemming from lack of willpower; all the while urging those at higher obesity risk to pay extra mind to overcoming their biological blueprint.
It is funny to see scientists trying to spin genetic research.

I suspect that fat people would rather be thought of as being fat from overeating. Now they will be stigmatized for being genetically defective.

The scientists still say that fat people can overcome their genetic blueprint. So if they are still fat, then they also lack the willpower to lose weight.

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