Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Europe was violently invaded, 4k years ago

The London Daily Mail reports:
A brutish tribe of people who lived in the Neolithic era more than 4,000 years ago is being touted as the most violent and aggressive society to ever live.

A growing body of evidence is convincing archaeologists that the Yamnaya society ruthlessly massacred opposing societies.

It is believed the primitive society capitalised on disease, warfare and famine and unceremoniously swept through Europe, destroying entire civilisations and leaving destruction in their wake.

DNA evidence from several prehistoric burial sites has revealed hoards of these tall, muscular and violent warriors would overwhelm other societies on horseback.

They would murder men and sire their own children so that within a few generations the presence of the previous societies is all but eradicated. ...

They made their way to Britain and within a few generations there was no remains of the previous inhabitants who built Stonehenge in the genetic record
This is only the most violent because we don't have written records of the other invasions.

Yes, the invaders killed the men and raped the women. That is what invaders do.

The NY Times version of this story is that peaceful "egalitarian" "Iberian farmers" accepted immigrants in a "political process", including "intermarrying" with nomads.

Remember that the next time you read a NY Times story about a political process for assimilating immigrants and letting them intermarry with the natives. The newspaper might have a little different idea about how these things work.

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