Sunday, April 21, 2019

Democrats do not want a White Man

The NY Times reports:
White men have largely ruled both the Democratic and Republican parties throughout American history, even as they have declined to roughly 30 percent of the population, and many voters still have preconceptions of presidents as white and male. ...

But as older white men, they are out of step with ascendant forces in the [Democrat] party today.
Preconceptions? The last Democrat president was only half white.

The history of America is that about 99% of great accomplishments have been by white men. All of the great leaders have been white men. Of course people expect the President to be a white man.

But I doubt that a White man can win the Democrat primaries. The party has already bet its future on hating White men.

I missed Adolf Hitler's birthday last year. The press seems to have slowed down in saying that Trump is just the same as Hitler. Hitler was known for being a socialist, Jew-hater, and warmonger. Trump is none of those things. If Trump were an authoritarian, he would have jailed Mueller a long time ago.

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