Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Pew poll on racial attitudes

A new Pew poll shows an uptick in concerns for racial minorities.

It says 26% of whites and 60% of blacks agree that "People acted like they thought they weren't smart."

Okay, maybe 26% of whites and 60% of blacks are not smart.

I should include the Pew researchers, as the question is poor grammar. Besides using "like" as a conjunction, it is confusing about who it is that is not smart. I often think that people around me are acting as if they are not smart.

Pew also asks why being black hurts a person’s ability to get ahead. The choices given are: racial discrimination, less access to high-paying jobs, less access to good schools, family instability, lack of good role models, a lack of motivation to work hard.

They could have added: low IQ, stupidity, body odor, uncontrollable sexual urges, violent tendencies, hip hop music, criminal records, lack of future time orientation.

Okay, these are offensive and unfair racial stereotypes, but the object is to sample public opinion, not to tell them what to think.
About three-quarters of black adults say being black is extremely (52%) or very (22%) important to how they think of themselves; 59% of Hispanics and 54% of Asians say being Hispanic or Asian, respectively, is at least very important to their overall identity, with about three-in-ten in each group saying it’s extremely important. In contrast, just 15% of whites say being white is very or extremely important to how they think of themselves; about two-thirds say it’s either only a little important (18%) or not important at all (47%).
American Whites are surely the least racist and least race-conscious people in the world. Every other group identifies very strongly with its racial or ethnic group.

That may change when Democrats force Whites to pay reparations to non-whites, and to accept second-class citizenship.

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