Monday, April 08, 2019

Keep out all Muslim refugees

NPR Radio news reports:
Despite a global refugee crisis, the United States is closing its doors. Refugee resettlement is near record lows, even for minorities whose plight the Trump administration has highlighted. ...

Muslim refugees are down by 90 percent. Jenny Yang of World Relief says the sharp reduction in refugee admissions contradicts the administration's commitment to religious freedom.
They argue that Trump says he believes in religious freedom so he should import a lot more Moslems into the USA, because some say they suffer persecution.

It is crazy to even use Islam and religious freedom in the same sentence. Islam is the opposite of religious freedom. If you want to let Moslems be Moslems, the only way to do that is to leave them in Moslem countries. Bringing Moslem refugees into the USA is just a scheme to destroy Christian religious freedom.

Speaking of religious freedom, there is an organization that thinks what we really need is anti-religious freedom, and it promotes itself with a new ad:
In the ad, Pinker urges viewers to join the FFRF in its fight to prevent religion from creeping into U.S. government. Pinker has served as FFRF’s first honorary president since 2013.

“Hi, I’m Steve Pinker. In mhey book, Enlightenment Now, I show that the world has become a better place as reason has been overcoming superstition and tribalism. But the values of the Enlightenment are under attack. That’s why I’m a proud member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the nation’s largest association of freethinkers, working to keep the state and church separate. Please join me in supporting the Freedom From Religion Foundation to ensure that our government is driven not by religion, but by reason.”

Pinker is one of the world’s premier intellects and cognitive psychologists, and serves as the Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He’s been named on the Time 100 list of the world’s “Most Influential People.” Among his other best-selling books are The Blank Slate, The Language Instinct and How the Mind Works.
Okay, but the "values of the Enlightenment" are White Christian values. They are not Jewish, Islamic, Oriental, Indian, or African values. Pinker's message is essentially the same as that of the White supremacists. If he meant what he is saying, he would get on the Trump train, and work to keep all the Moslems out. Instead, he presents himself as a Jewish atheist Canadian leftist Harvard professor.

Pinker's latest NY Times op-ed says:
The world’s best hydro sites are already dammed.

Small wonder that a growing response to these intimidating facts is, “We’re cooked.”

But we actually have proven models for rapid decarbonization with economic and energy growth: France and Sweden. ...

They did this with nuclear power. ...

This is a realistic solution to humanity’s greatest problem.
That is "dammed", not "damned". Remember, he is a religion-hating leftist atheist.

But again, this is a White supremacist message. He wants to run the world on nuclear energy, and it goes without saying that White people should be running the program.

Saying "humanity’s greatest problem" is just a metaphor. Remember, Pinker is a psychologist, not a climate or energy scientist. Humanity's greatest problem is the threat to Western Civilization from Islam and Third World population growth and migration. Pinker is saying that Whites need to take charge and run the show.

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