Sunday, April 07, 2019

Jews will not replace us

The Jewish NY Times has another article whining about anti-semitism and blaming Whites:
Swastikas daubed on a Jewish cemetery in France. An anti-Semitic political campaign by Hungary’s far-right government. ...

The accumulated incidents in Europe and the United States have highlighted how an ancient prejudice is surging in the 21st century in both familiar and mutant ways, fusing ideologies that otherwise would have little overlap. ...

President Trump himself embodies the contradictions of the moment. Mr. Trump has openly courted white nationalists, saying they include “some very fine people,” even as they marched in the style of the Ku Klux Klan, gave stiff-armed Nazi salutes and chanted slogans like “Jews will not replace us.” ...

At the same time, the president has boasted close relations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and offered full-throated support to Israel, including moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, even absent progress toward a settlement with the Palestinians.
An essential part of the Jewish religion is constant whining about how Jews are persecuted.

These stories are almost entirely hoaxes, like the Jussie Smollett story. Jews are the most privileged ethnic group in the world.

Even tho Trump is an extremely pro-Jewish President, the Jews attack him with slander and fake news at every opportunity. Just look at the above. Trump never said that white nationalists include some very fine people. You can google the quote to check for yourself. He referred to people who were peacefully protesting the removal of some war monuments.

And of course the NY Times and other Jewish news media has been telling us for two years that Trump is going to be impeached for Russian collusion.

If there is an increase in anti-Jewish activities around the world, you have to ask what the Jews are doing to provoke it. Nobody picks on a small minority for no reason. The article does not address the root causes.

Apparently a lot of people have become convinced that there is a systematic Jewish plot to marginalize White Christians, and to replace them with non-whites and non-Christians. Resistance to such a plot is the meaning of the slogan “Jews will not replace us.”

Not all Jews, of course. It is mainly the 80% of them who vote Democrat, and the 95% in the news media who have Trump derangement syndrome.

With articles like this, the NY Times shows that it is firmly on the side of Jews replacing the White population. Anyone who objects to the program is to be ostracized in strongest way. That is why the NY Times and other Jewish publications are still complaining about those Charlottesville protests, a couple of years after the fact.

Here is another complaint about Jewish persecution:
The Jerusalem Post
reports that, during the sad but risible “Israel Apartheid Week” held annually at Columbia University, left-wing flyers appeared showing Israeli soldiers as devils with horns. This equation of Jews with Satan, depicted with horns, hooves, and deformities, is, of course a medieval anti-Semitic trope of which the students must surely have been aware. Or perhaps not, given their profound ignorance of “apartheid” and their kneejerk anti-Zionism. Wikipedia says this:
The portrayal of Jews as historic enemies of Christianity and Christendom constitutes the most damaging anti-Jewish stereotype reflected in the literature of the late tenth through early twelfth centuries. Jews were often depicted as satanic consorts, or as devils themselves and “incarnation[s] of absolute evil.”
The flyer does not even show the Israeli soldier as a devil with horns. This is just another example of weirdo Jewish paranoid beliefs about how they are being persecuted.

If Jews and Christians are enemies, it is because of Jews, not Christians. Polls consistently show Christians to be supportive of Jews and Israel. The Columbia Israel-haters are leftist non-Christians. It is the Jews who seek to undermine Christianity at every opportunity.

Beyond all that, there is nothing wrong with portraying a rival religion as being aligned with the devil. The religions have very different beliefs. To believe in one is to reject the other. Freedom of religion to affirm one's beliefs necessarily includes the freedom to say that the alternatives are devilish.

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