Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fired for bringing beer to husband

Think that Ben Shapiro and The Federalist are conservative? Look at why they fired a conservative writer,
here and here.

In brief, she got a lot of very hostile attacks on Twitter because of the way she said that she fetched her husband a beer while he was watching a basketball game on TV. Then she pushed back at one of her gay critics, suggesting that he is the one with peculiar ideas about sexual relationships.

So even conservative political organizations will fire you for so-called homophobia.

This form a political correctness is now called virtue signaling. Even tho Shapiro is against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, he has to prove that he is not a bigot by firing heterosexuals for their biased opinions. This shows how far conservative organizations have sunk.

They are also ostracizing Congressman Steve King by calling him "a longtime promoter of white supremacy". This is mainly because of Jewish groups that disagree with his political opinions to limit immigration.

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