Friday, August 16, 2002

Richard Cohen doesn't like Ann Coulter's book "Slander", perhaps because she correctly finds fault with him, as he concedes. But he misrepresents her when he says she wants to invade the Islamic world. Her Sept. 14, 2001 column on the subject clearly referred to "people who want our country destroyed". Yes, we should invade their countries and kill their leaders. We are not concerned with the peaceful Islamic countries.

Here is a contrary view that thinks Coulter was referring to all Muslims. It quotes what it calls the "full context", which is really only the preceding paragraph. It refers to "Muslim hijackers" and "homocidal maniacs". Does he think all moslims are homicidal maniacs? Here is another anti-Coulter tirade. With all Coulter's blunt language, I'd think that critics could find something more damaging. She's right that the Moslem terrorists should be killed.

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