Friday, August 16, 2002

Bruce Schneier's newsletter has a good discussion of Microsoft Palladium and how the music labels are lobbying for the right to sabotage peer-to-peer computer networks. As usual for crypto geeks, he takes a hard line for personal freedom, and doesn't want the government or Microsoft or anyone else controlling our computers or networks. He wants unlicense, unregulated, and unregistricted use of cryptography for individuals. But then his discussion switches to airline pilots having guns, and all of a sudden he has a bunch of weird fears about how the government might not sufficient control the situation. He wants to give the pilots stun guns instead! In my opinion, the pilots need tools that are good enough to get the job done. That means guns. Schneier mentions that the guns might have to get thru airport security, but that is true for air marshals and others. Not a big deal.

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