Friday, August 30, 2002

The local paper published these bicycle RULES OF THE ROAD.

  • The same rules that apply to cars apply to bicycles.
  • If a bicycle cannot safely ride to the right of cars on a road -- three feet is considered safe -- the bike is allowed to ride in the center of the lane, along with cars.
  • If a slow car is impeding five or more vehicles, it is required to safely allow the other vehicles to pass. The same is true for bicycles.
  • Sometimes the side of the road is unsafe -- filled with debris -- for bicyclists. When this is the case, cyclists are allowed to ride in the center of the lane.
  • When bicycling, do so as if drivers of cars or buses cannot see you.

There is a controversy in Silicon Valley about a collision between a bicycle and a car. The motorist was annoyed at a pack of cyclists and pulled over in front of them, and one of the bikes crashed into him. In the motorist's words, "I was going to tell them it was reckless to ride in the car lane." No one was cited. The motorist apparently believes that he was in the right, but I think that he could be paying a 6-figure legal claim. The fact is that it is often quite legal, safe, and proper for bicycles to ride in a car lane.

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