Sunday, August 25, 2002

I really want to vote for Bill Simon for California governor. Gov. Gray Davis is corrupt, incompetent, and has been a fiscal disaster. I can overlook Simon's political inexperience, his lousy speaking voice, and his bad judgment in losing a big fraud lawsuit, but why is he such a coward about the big California issues? I'd like to know where he stands on:

  • What would Simon have done about the regulatory crisis about energy? What will he do?
  • Would Simon ban MTBE?
  • What would he do about the current efforts to limit homeschoolers?
  • Where does he stand on school vouchers?

Simon talks about education a lot, but I don't see how any of it is going to help me. I really want to send my kid to the local public school, but they need to be a little more accountable to the parents.

Update: Gumma reports that an SF columnist just trashed both Simon and Davis. California desperately needs a Jesse Ventura!

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