Thursday, August 22, 2002

Andy writes:

Ashcroft at a news conference today: "The investigation into last fall's anthrax attacks has yet 'to cross a threshold' that would allow prosecutors to bring charges against anyone, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Thursday. 'When we arrive at that threshold, I will make an announcement to that effect.'"
Translation: Ashcroft does not yet have the OK from the Karl Rove White House to indict a government insider for the anthrax scare. Maybe on a quiet Friday after the November elections, maybe never.

The White House approved the Lindh plea bargain. Think it's controlling other cases too? Yep, particularly if it implicates terrorism.

Latest USA Today poll:

A slight majority of Americans still supports sending ground troops to Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, but the size of that majority has dwindled to pre-Sept. 11 levels, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll finds. At the same time, President Bush's job approval has fallen to 65%, still healthy but its lowest level since before Sept. 11. Support for sending troops to Iraq has fallen from a high of 74% in November to 53%. ... if the November congressional elections were held today, Democrats would stand a good chance of taking back control of the House of Representatives. Asked how they would vote in their district election, 50% of registered voters said they would vote for a Democrat and 42% said a Republican. ...

Yes, the White House probably approved the J. W. Lindh plea bargain. I would have approved it also. Lindh got a stiff sentence for what he did. I guess Andy think that the feds know who did the anthrax, but are pretending that they know less than they really do. I think that it is more likely that the feds are pretending to know more than what they really do.

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