Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Joe Biden wants more Wars

NY Post reports:
President Biden expressed confidence that the US military can take on the responsibility of assisting on the battlefield in both the war between Israel and Hamas and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Biden emphasized the importance of the war in Israel and called the US “the most powerful nation in history” during an interview on CBS “60 Minutes” set to air Sunday night.

“We’re the United States of America for God’s sake, the most powerful nation in the history — not in the world — in the history of the world,” Biden declared.

“We have the capacity to do this and we have an obligation to. We are the essential nation,” Biden went on. “And if we don’t, who does?”

Under Pres. Trump, we had peace and prosperity. Pres. Biden has brought us war. He seems to want more wars, so the USA military can remake the world.

Meanwhile, his DoJ has successfully convinced a judge to issue a gag order on Trump:

A federal judge has barred Donald Trump from attacking witnesses, prosecutors and court staff involved in his Washington, D.C., criminal case, imposing a gag order that sharply escalates the tension between Trump’s 2024 bid for the presidency and the realities of his status as a criminal defendant.
Trump's crime was to say that the 2020 election was stolen. It was stolen. Trump says the prosecution is political, and the judge is biased against him. He is correct. But now Biden has him under a court order not to say so.

Update: Here is the text of the gag order:

Accordingly, and pursuant to Local Criminal Rule 57.7(c), it is hereby ORDERED that:

All interested parties in this matter, including the parties and their counsel, are prohibited from making any public statements, or directing others to make any public statements, that target (1) the Special Counsel prosecuting this case or his staff; (2) defense counsel or their staff; (3) any of this court’s staff or other supporting personnel; or (4) any reasonably foreseeable witness or the substance of their testimony.

This Order shall not be construed to prohibit Defendant from making statements criticizing the government generally, including the current administration or the Department of Justice; statements asserting that Defendant is innocent of the charges against him, or that his prosecution is politically motivated; or statements criticizing the campaign platforms or policies of Defendant’s current political rivals, such as former Vice President Pence.

So Trump is ordered not to attack the substance of the testimony against him. For example, if Pence says he had no power to send the electors back to the states and is expected to testify to that, then Trump cannot say that he did have the power. This interferes with Trump's constitutional right to publicly declare his innocence.

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MikeAdamson said...

Thank you for providing the text of the order. I don't think it supports your position.