Sunday, October 22, 2023

Divorce Court goes bad, Judge gets Shot

The NY Post reports:
The Maryland judge who was executed in cold blood in the driveway of his home was “targeted” by a suspect just hours after giving custody of the man’s children to his ex-wife in a divorce case, officials said Friday. ...

Court records indicate that Wilkinson oversaw Argote’s divorce proceedings — which was the only case on the judge’s docket Thursday, hours before he was shot dead. ...

Wilkinson signed an order saying there was to be no visitation or contact between Argote and his four children, or their mother, Eugenia Argote, according to the partial judgment in the divorce case cited by The Herald-Mail.

The judgment also granted Argote’s ex-wife “sole use and possession of the family home” and barred the husband from entering the property.

This is a bad story. The judge did not deserve to get shot. Maybe he was right to recognize the dad was violent.

Still family court judges have an enormous amount of power, and this one gave a very extreme order. He should not have the power to say a man cannot contact his kids, or live in his house. This judge was evil.

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