Sunday, October 08, 2023

Women Upset about Chat Bots

Rolling Stone magazine describes a current craze:
Men Are Cheating With AI Instagram Bots ...

DAPHNE, A 22-YEAR-OLD marketing manager, knew it was never going to work out with her ex, Dave. There were red flags from the start, she says: Since they started dating in the spring of 2022, Dave would frequently lie about little things, “or what he would call ‘withholding the truth,’ which he claimed was not the same as lying,” she tells Rolling Stone. (Daphne’s last name has been withheld by Rolling Stone at her request;

So she also withholds the truth, when it is convenient for her.
But the DM caught her attention because it contained a winky face, with the message “Here’s the link. Please don’t leak it.” When Daphne clicked on it, she saw a page advertising NSFW videos for sale. ... “But I knew exactly what it was.” She told him to leave her apartment. They never spoke again.
So she spies on his phone, sees some spam, and terminates the relationship!
The phenomenon is also not entirely specific to men: Daphne says she has received countless messages from bots pretending to be prospective sugar daddies,
So her phone has similar bot spam messages.

The articles goes on with stories about women jealous of anonymous text bots. This next one had trust issues, spied on his phone, found some spam, tried to publicly embarrass him, and dumped him without explanation.

This was the case for Sophia Pasciuto, 19, who says her relationship ended when she found out her ex was texting with a bot. The two had been dating for several months, and she says while it “wasn’t necessarily a bad relationship,” it was plagued with “trust issues” ...

These trust issues prompted Pasciuto to log into his account. “I was at a PF Chang’s with my mom and brother when I saw the DM request notification on his account,” Pasciuto tells Rolling Stone. “I checked it being nosy and saw that it was one of those spam accounts you see in comment sections, with a girl half naked in the profile picture and she comments something like ‘click the link in my bio for naughty pictures.'” ...

She did not confront her ex, instead posting a story on Snapchat with the caption, “Imagine spending real money on an Instagram sex bot.” She says her ex changed his password, and they never spoke again.

The magazine consults a counselor, and get the usual useless advice:
“I think couples need explicit agreements,” he says. “If they don’t have explicit agreements, then they should make one about what constitutes a betrayal. What is their transparency agreement, what is their monogamy agreement? Outside of how you two decide it, I don’t have an opinion. That is not for me to come from high and to tell you what cheating is.”
Why is he a counselor, if he does not have any opinions?

The article keeps blaming men for "cheating", even though it is the girlfriends who violate trust by spying on the man's phone, and overreacting to some chat bots.

Chat bots are likely to become a necessity of everyday life. I just contacted customer support for my cell phone service, and it could have been a chat bot for all I know. I get spam from bots. People also converse with chat bots for amusement. In the story, the women did not even know whether the text messages were just unwanted spam, or flirting with a real person, or just some meaningless chat bot gibberish. Any woman who gets upset by chat bots is going to have a hard time in our AI future.

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CFT said...

Have any of these women actually ever even met their 'boyfriends' in real life?
Oh for the love of irony, I hope not.

Nothing would be more satisfying than the discovery they were virtually dating chat bots.