Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Britain Bans Harmful Information

Britain does not have free speech, and now it is passing the Online Safety Bill:
The Online Safety Bill is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to control online speech and media. It was published as a draft on 12 May 2021 and received its third reading on 19 September 2023.[1][2] Following the earlier 2019 Online Harms White Paper, the bill gives the relevant Secretary of State the power, subject to parliamentary approval, to designate and suppress or record a wide range of speech and media deemed "harmful".

The bill requires platforms, including end-to-end encrypted messengers, to scan for CSAM, despite warnings from experts that it is not possible to implement such a scanning mechanism without undermining users' privacy.[3]

The bill creates a new duty of care of online platforms, requiring them to take action against illegal or legal but "harmful" content from their users.

More and more, people are calling information harmful. Such as using the wrong pronouns, warning about vaccines, giving crime statistics, and criticizing another religion.

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CFT said...

Like all communism, it hides who is actually calling the shots behind a curtain of ambiguous language revolving around a claim of safety.
Who is calling the shots on what is 'safe' or 'harmful' language? A bureaucrat of some kind in a political party with their own slant on things. Please.

Anyone other than the adult individual making this call is just an attempt at controlling people and what they can think and say.