Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Jamaal Bowman Unfairly Attacked

NY Post story.
Images of the fire alarm that Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled in a House office building as his fellow Democrats were trying to delay a key vote to fund the government appear to throw cold water on his claims that the move was just a boneheaded mistake.

The bright red alarm is clearly marked with the word “FIRE” — and is right next to two signs that provide explicit details on how to open the emergency door at the Cannon House Office Building, photos show.

“Emergency Exit Only!” the signs read. “Push until alarm sounds (3 seconds). Door will unlock in 30 seconds.”

I am not going to pile on. The signs were confusing. Jamaal cannot be expected to understand them. Whoever made those signs should have considered the target audience.
Some Bowman critics, including former President Donald Trump, said he should be arrested and charged for allegedly trying to obstruct an official government proceeding.
If Trump really said that, I would disagree. It turns that he did not say that. CNN story:
The federal judge overseeing the case against Sen. Bob Menendez, his wife and three others set a trial date for May 6 – less than a month before the New Jersey senate primary. ...

Menendez faces three counts in connection to an alleged bribery scheme. Prosecutors accuse the New Jersey Democrat of using his political power to aid the government of Egypt and pressure state and federal prosecutors investigating New Jersey businessmen. He was not in the courtroom Monday.

I am not doing a rush to judgment here either. Nobody has shown that the gold bars in his basement came from Egypt. A previous prosecution of him failed, so this might also. It appears to be another effort by the weaponized US DoJ to run someone out of office.

Yes, I realize Jamaal and Menendez are Democrats, and working to destroy the country. That is what they should be punished for.

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CFT said...

So...the EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY part of the sign was...obscure. Sure.
I would also ask, why did Bowman have to go outside so ....urgently? To pull a fire alarm to do it should mean it was very important, but he hasn't supplied a single believable reason so far.

The man was a former school principal, which would mean he's more than passing familiar with similar signs all over the buildings he worked in, so I'm not going out on a limb to say he's full of bovine excrement with his excuses. He intended for whatever short sighted reason to delay the voting.