Sunday, May 07, 2023

Effort to Change our Country Fundamentally

The Wash. Post reports:
And then there was the replacement theory. Over and over, Carlson suggested that immigrants were being brought to the United States to shift the electorate to the left. He blamed Democratic leaders and left-wing philanthropist George Soros, arguing that there was an explicit effort to “change our country fundamentally” through increased immigration. This was a white-nationalist trope, now airing on the country’s most-watched cable news channel in prime time.
So is this why his show was killed?

Leftist media often say that they get increased support from immigrant communities. They act offended when a right-winger says the same thing.

All these articles say that Carlson's show was killed because Jews hated him for being a White Christian.


CFT said...

Replacement theory is FACT not fiction. Why else would the democrat party stress immigration from poor countries heavily? California (my home state) is now so overwhelmed with poverty of their own devising that they are taking measures to financially penalize people for leaving. Poor immigrants are very beholden to generous 'freebies' dangled by the democrat party, free housing, education, medicine. Joe Biden is also having huge numbers of immigrants flown from border receiving stations to many rural areas around the United States in an attempt to change voting demographics.

Roger said...

The effects of immigration are obvious in California. It was a much nicer state when it had half as many people.