Friday, May 12, 2023

Trump looked good as Presidential Candidate

Here is a PBS TV video. being partisan Leftist Democrat as usual:
CNN town hall highlights media's struggle with how to cover Trump and his lies

PBS NewsHour

A debate over how journalists should cover former President Trump is underway as he seeks another term. It comes after an unruly CNN town hall where Trump spouted lies about the 2020 election, mocked the woman he was found liable of sexually abusing and dodged policy questions all before a supportive audience in New Hampshire. James Fallows and Mark Lukasiewicz joined Geoff Bennett to discuss.

It pretends to be neutral by having two guests, but they had the exact same Trump-hating opinion!

It is funny to see how upset these Democrats are that Trump expressed some opinions on the air. They kept saying he lied and expressed anti-democratic opinions, but they were unable to give any specifics.

The CNN Trump Townhall was entertaining. The CNN host made no attempt at a fair interview, and attacked him thoughout. Trump refuted everything she said.

The real issues were that President Biden has made a mess of our borders, our economy, our energy supplies, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. The Biden Presidency has been a disaster.

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