Sunday, May 28, 2023

Systemic Racism in the USA

I watched this video, hoping to learn something:
Systemic Racism Exists in the USA
Systemic racism is the creation of a lower caste of non-white Americans, separated by their economic and social circumstances, and kept in an inferior position through so-called “color blind” laws and traditions that hinder people of color more than their white counterparts. This episode will look at systemic racism placed upon black people, but the burden of America’s racist history is placed upon many more races
He complains a lot about color blind laws, such as punishing violent criminals and drug dealers, because of a disproportionate effect on Blacks. He complains about Republicans encouraging Republican voters, because they do not try to benefit Black Democrats. His biggest complaint is policies result in Blacks living with other Blacks, such as redlining and predominantly Black colleges.

The word "disproportionate" is used in a funny way. Blacks are prosecuted in proportion to the crimes they commit, but more that their percentage of the population.

It complains about ghettoization, where Whites move out of Black neighborhoods, and gentrification, where Whites move back in. Whites get blamed no matter what, it seems.

There is no attempt at balance here. The video complains about gerrymandering, but fails to mention that most gerrymandering today is done because of laws and court decisions intended to elect more Blacks. And there are plenty of Whites today who think that Black favoritism causes the police system to be too easy on Black criminals.

Here is a review of a book that the Nation of Islam wrote about Jews and the Atlantic slave trade. I am not trying to apply presentism here. Jews were just practicing a legal business at the time.

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