Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Income, by Ethnic Group

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CFT said...

You need to be careful looking at these statistics however. Here's a glaringly obvious thought:

The chart shows various ethnic identities and compares them to humdrum native born (White American I assume?) Americans, but these other groups are mostly culled from other countries, they are in essence the select lucky few skimmed off the top of other countries, mostly with a high competitive drive enough to make them leave their native homelands. You are comparing apples to oranges. If you were to go to any of these countries individually and looked at the percentage of the folk who were born natively that have higher educations and incomes, would the spread look at all similar? I bet not.

Comparing the above average of other countries to the general native average always looks bad, but that is in essence what the chart is doing.

As to why natively born black Americans fair poorly, excluding a few black race hustlers, look to largely white leftist policies (of an unnamed political party) which encouraged single mother households and low academic/language/moral standards, and a very cancerous youth oriented black ghetto trash pop-culture which encourages indulgence in gaudy ostentation, vulgarity, spectator sports, drugs, and prostitution more than basic literacy and education as a gateway to success.

The fasted way to wreck a car (or a society) is to let a child drive it.