Friday, March 10, 2023

Nebraska Bill Mandates Holocaust Education

AP reports:
The bill by Omaha Democratic Sen. Jen Day would provide $4 million in funding over the next two years for instruction and training to schools on teaching the Holocaust, which is already a required part of the state’s social studies curriculum.

Eleanor Dunning, 21, of Omaha, testified at the public hearing on the bill about her experience as a sophomore at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln in December 2021, when she said she watched a sorority sister stand up during a new member training event and throw up a Nazi salute. Dunning, who is Jewish, said she objected on the spot, only to be brushed off and told by the girl that she “had been doing that all week at practice.”

So the purpose is to suppress free speech, not to inform.
The curriculum is imperative, Day said, not only because of a rise in antisemitism, but because the diminishing number of survivors of the Holocaust declines every year.

“We are losing our human connection to that atrocity,” she said.

There is the real reason. Modern Jews are assimilating, intermarrying, dropping traditions, and becoming atheists. What is there to indoctrinate the next generation with their weirdo tribal beliefs? They have found that the biggest thing is telling Holocaust stories. That is, Jews can be convinced to stick together to combat the interests of non-Jews by pretending that another Holocaust is coming. So they want the schools to do it.

Here is another leftist creep, trying to control our education:

Ken Burns hit the nail on the head in regards to Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the January 6th insurrection of the US Capitol.

“The way Nazis would build a Potemkin village, Tucker Carlson is doing with the footage from J6. It is a rewriting of history at the most dangerous level. It’s a huge threat to our republic."

Did the Nazis build Potemkin villages to rewrite history? I guess I missed that Holocaust class.

I may make a list of all the folks attacking the release of J6 tapes to the public. I don't think I want to hear their opinion on any other subject.

For two years the Democrats and Trump-haters lied to us about Jan. 6, while refusing to let us see for ourselves what happened.

And the ADL now says that criticism of warmongers, globalists, and communists is antisemitic. Simpler to criticize the Jews, I guess.


CFT said...

Not to belittle anyone's history, but I googled the holocaust ( I know it's trite ) and the rounded figure was six million Jews and five million others were killed during this event. The Jewish population was understandably angry about it as were many others, and went to considerable lengths to at least go after some of the people who were responsible and hold them accountable. I would also add roughly 420,000 Americans died in WWII, which also had a tremendous impact on our country as nearly everyone lost someone.

I also googled Covid 19 ( I know it's trite) and the rounded figure was seven million people were killed worldwide, and of that number about one million were Americans. The very man who made that death toll possible (Saint Anythony Fauci) is considered a hero by most of the Democrat Party, of which seven out of ten Jews is a member of according to Pew research, the huge exception being the small minority of Orthodox Jews who are roughly 7 to 3 conservative.

Not to beat a diseased horse to death again, but I find it remarkable how such a large majority of the Jewish members of American society are far more concerned about remembering people being put into concentration camps in the 1940's, when they were so perfectly willing to go along with the idea quite recently to isolate people in camps that didn't agree with taking fake vaccines...all the while venerating the man who made it all possible.

'Never forget' my ass, Most Jews in the United States were members of a political party which was A-OK with a police state suspending due process, well known science, and the constitution just because they were scared, which is apparently now more than license enough to suspend human rights upon demand. I wonder if that seventy percent of the American Jewish population realizes what they themselves been cheer-leading and a willing party to.

The irony is thick, the graves are fresh, and the selective outrage is duly noted.

CFT said...

I would also point out that Tucker Carlson showing the capitol hill's own video footage showing plainly that certain claims being made simply weren't so is tantamount to the Democrat party (and certain uniparty RINOs) saying 'Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes?'

Strange how it took the January 6 commission so long to make a determination that was revealed not to have been informed by their own evidence. It has come out that members of the commission had other people from one of the mainstream networks view the video feed for them, and the ranking members apparently didn't even bother to view their own recordings since they had already made up their minds what their verdicts were. Congress is very sick.