Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Great Replacement in Tunisia

White countries are being invaded by non-whites, and it is considered racist to complain about it. But what about African countries being invaded by other Africans? Nobody would care about that, would they?

Yes. NPR Radio reports:

In fact, Tunisia has got around 80,000 folks who live here from sub-Saharan Africa, whether they're migrant workers who are here for a period of time, people who are trying to get to Europe or even students. And in the last couple of weeks, President Kais Saied, who's our sort of ascendant autocrat here, has turned to scapegoating the Black population as a way to detract attention from his failed economic policy.

And so what's been happening is there was a speech that he gave on February 21 that really kind of embraced this idea of the great replacement theory. He said that there was a conspiracy to replace the Tunisian population with Black Africans. And as a result, tons of Tunisia's Black residents were kicked out of their homes. They were driven out of their jobs. ...

INSKEEP: I want to note, when you talk about the great replacement theory, there is an American version of that, a conspiracy theory that that's a plot behind migration. So you're saying that he's picked this up, the president has picked this up in Tunisia.

Tunisia has been run by Arabs, since the Islamic invasion over a millennium ago. If they don't like being replaced by Black Africans, then they must have gotten the idea from American White supremacists!

NPR thinks that it is a "conspiracy theory", meaning that it is a secret that these migrations are taking place.

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