Thursday, March 23, 2023

New Study says Kids Need Help

The Hill reports:

A new study found that children of same-sex parents have home lives and outcomes that are as good or better than those of heterosexual couples.

The research, published in the BMJ Global Health journal, analyzed 34 studies across countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

Sounds impressive, until you realize that there are no children with same-sex parents. It is biologically impossible.

The actual BMJ study is not so much a study, but a gay advocacy essay. Here is the actual paper conclusion:

Relevant social risk factors of poor family outcomes included stigma and discrimination, poor social support and marital status, etc. The next step is to integrate multiple aspects of support and multilevel interventions to reduce the adverse effects on family outcomes with a long-term goal of influencing policy and law making for better services to individuals, families, communities and schools.
Huhh? If the LGBTQ family kids are doing so well, then why do they need interventions to reduce the adverse effects?

The paper is filled with opinions like:

Schools should take measures to prevent stigma, discrimination and bullying related to sexual minorities in the school setting.
I guess they are talking about children engaging in LGBTQ sexual activities in school, and they want the grade schools and high schools to approve it. Weird.

The authors are all Chinese. I don't know what that's all about. I guess they want same-sex marriage in China.

This research is intended to convince us that it is good for kids to have LGBTQ parents. But they cannot find any real evidence, so it tells me the opposite.


MikeAdamson said...

I suppose if one does not consider adoptive or step parents to be "parents" then your point is valid. Also, China is not a hotspot for same sex parenting.

Interesting post nonetheless.

Roger said...

Yes, adoptive parents are legal parents. In some states, a same-sex couple can be legally the parents of a newborn, even without an adoption.

But this is supposed to a social science paper, not a legal brief. The studies say that natural biological married parents do best with kids. An honest review would identify other arrangements, and try to measure how much worse they are.

CFT said...

The Chinese communist party which controls or regulates pretty much all Chinese academics is VERY openly against homosexuality and all male effeminate behavior China, however, they are pleased as punch to encourage pretty much anything they themselves consider outright perversion or socially corrosive anywhere else. Whether you agree with the Chinese or not, the point is they do think encouraging homosexuality culturally in the West is to their strategic advantage. The Chinese however have been actively ramping up blocking or outlawing any male homosexuality found in American imported cinema and media, including much of Disney's latest 'child oriented' movies which have been openly courting LGBTQXYZ..etc. woke points.

Research Chinese Tik-Tok programming, and then what they encourage in their American Tik-Tok version. The difference is telling. It doesn't take a super genius to see what is going on.