Monday, March 27, 2023

Sex is not Bimodal

I used to follow the skeptic/rationalist/atheist community, as they seemed to be mostly defending good science. I was duped.

They have gone woke on transsexual politics. Steve Novella and PZ Myers, prominent advocates of that community, argue that sex is a bimodal continuum. Words like male and female are unscientific and obsolete, they say.

They are proved wrong at the above links.

I thought that they were anti-religion because they saw religion as an obstacle to scientific truth.

No, wokeness is a much bigger obstacle.

You might think that they push for trans acceptance in order to reduce the suicide rate, or to reduce murders.

No, that does not hold up either. Trans acceptance has led to a much higher suicide rate. And the murders are exaggerated. Almost all of them involve Blackskilling Black transgender prostitutes.

Wokeness has become its own religion, and more intolerant that a medieval Inquisition.

The Atlantic magazine reports that France is starting to reject Le Wokisme:

Many who claim social justice as their ultimate goal insist that America has done little to challenge Tocqueville’s grim appraisal. In their view, some of the country’s cherished ideals—individualism, freedom of speech, even the Protestant work ethic—are in fact obstacles to equity, illusions spun by those who have power in order to keep it and hold the marginalized in their place. The woke left’s approach to addressing historical oppression—namely, prioritizing race and other categories of identity in a wide variety of political and institutional decisions—has stirred anxieties in the United States. But the concerns expressed at the Tocqueville estate were less about what this phenomenon means for America than what it might mean for France. As the saying goes, when America sneezes, Europe catches a cold.

The French have long prided themselves on having a system of government that doesn’t recognize racial or ethnic designations. The idea is to uphold a universal vision of what it means to be French, independent of race, ethnicity, and religion. Even keeping official statistics on race has, since the Holocaust, been impermissible. Recently, however, and to the alarm of many in the traditional French commentariat, American-style identity politics has piqued the interest of a new and more diverse generation.

Interesting to see a Leftist magazine back off some of its wokeness.

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CFT said...

Now that their own hand fed creation has run out of anything else to ravage and is eating them alive, NOW they doth protest too much.
Oh the irony, it burns it burns!

Fortunately I have prepared for the bonfire of the elite vanities. I brought pop corn.