Monday, January 23, 2023

Schools Conspire to Sexually Abuse Children

The NY Times reports:
Jessica Bradshaw found out that her 15-year-old identified as transgender at school after she glimpsed a homework assignment with an unfamiliar name scrawled at the top.

When she asked about the name, the teenager acknowledged that, at his request, teachers and administrators at his high school in Southern California had for six months been letting him use the boy’s bathroom and calling him by male pronouns.

Mrs. Bradshaw was confused: Didn’t the school need her permission, or at least need to tell her?

It did not, a counselor later explained, because the student did not want his parents to know. District and state policies instructed the school to respect his wishes.

“There was never any word from anyone to let us know that on paper, and in the classroom, our daughter was our son,” Mrs. Bradshaw said. ...

he asked for hormones and surgery to remove his breasts. Doctors had previously diagnosed him as being on the autism spectrum, as well as with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, PTSD and anxiety. He had struggled with loneliness during the pandemic, and, to his parents, seemed not to know exactly who he was yet, because he had repeatedly changed his name and sexual orientation. ...

The public school that Mrs. Bradshaw’s son attends is one of many throughout the country that allow students to socially transition — change their name, pronouns, or gender expression — without parental consent. ...

These disputes are unfolding as Republicans rally around “parental rights,” a catchall term for the decisions parents get to make about their children’s‌ upbringing. ...

Guidelines on social transitioning vary widely among school districts. Some states, such as California, New Jersey, and Maryland, expressly advise schools not to disclose information about students’ gender identity without their permission, while others offer antidiscrimination guidance that is open to interpretation. ...

One mother said her middle-schooler had secretly changed names and pronouns without her knowledge, even though she had worked as a teacher at the same school. Another mother shared how high school teachers had hidden her teenager’s social transition from her until graduation because they thought she wouldn’t be supportive enough. A mother of a 14-year-old who had spent time in an inpatient therapy facility said she had sent her school a letter from the student’s psychiatrist outlining concerns that the school had ignored. ...

Courts have ruled that under the Fourteenth Amendment, parents get to make medical and mental health decisions for their children, as well as direct their education and upbringing in other ways, unless they are abusive or unfit. But lawyers for schools have countered that parental rights aren’t absolute. Under the Biden Administration, the Department of Education has said that discriminating against students based on gender identity violates federal policy, although its guidance doesn’t specifically address parental rights.

This is really sick. These school policies are extremely destructive. The courts say that parents have constitutional rights, but the Biden administration ignores them for the sake of sexually grooming children.

No, the schoolteacher is not your child's mom. She is a sexual predator.

Update: Here is an essay by Jewish journalist Jesse Singal against much of the school secrecy.

There are clearly some situations where school should be a safe haven for kids who are experimenting with different ideas or ways of expressing themselves, and where teachers should let them do so without the risk of parental interference. If a male student from a conservative religious household were, within the security of his school walls, dressing in a feminine manner, it would be quite inappropriate for a teacher to rat him out to his parents — for many of the same reasons it would be inappropriate for a student from a conservative religious household to be ratted out for reading Carl Sagan’s and Bertrand Russell’s arguments against Christianity in the school library.
So a Jew with no kids thinks that anti-parent treachery is okay as long as it undermines Christianity.

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CFT said...

I seriously can not believe this has not been challenged in court.
Since when does the public school (or any other) have legal authority or guardianship over a child? Much less the ability to take such guardianship without the parent being consulted or insformed in any way?

They don't. In loco parentis is nowhere near carte blance.

A school teacher/principal is not legally a child's guardian or parent. Much less a bureaucracy like a school board. I would also add that if the school went behind the parents back and converted the child to ANY religion (such as Christianity or Judaism or Islam etc.) without consulting with the parent, there would be hell to pay. Same if the school was involved with having any kind of plastic surgery performed on the child. Just imagine the teacher/school had a class of kids taken to a tattoo or piercing parlor.

Public schools are unworthy of being called schools if they are going to act in such a manner, and the parents are within their rights to sue the individual teacher, principal and school district for damages, assault, trauma, and psychological abuse.

Institutions need to be ended when they forget their designated purpose and wander off into acts of evil. I have no sympathy for any 'teacher' that goes along with this madness just because they wish to be employed. If that excuse didn't work for concentration camp guards, it certainly wont work for school teachers.