Monday, January 09, 2023

Jordan Peterson Sent to Re-education

The NY Post reports:
Controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has launched a legal challenge against the College of Psychologists of Ontario after he said the governing body threatened to pull his practicing license if he doesn’t complete social media re-education for comments he made on Twitter and the Joe Rogan podcast.

Peterson, 60, filed an application for judicial review with the Ontario Divisional Court, the Toronto Sun reported Wednesday, as the clinical psychologist has said he will refuse to comply with the regulatory body’s demands.

The CPO, which oversees practicing psychologists in Ontario in order to protect patients from professional misconduct, ordered Peterson to complete a mandatory “Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program” to “review, reflect on and ameliorate [his] professionalism in public statements,” according to a lengthy list of requirements from the college that Peterson shared on Twitter.  

He must meet with a psychologist for coaching classes, which he must pay for, until a final report is issued by the coach that shows their concerns have been “properly ameliorated.” The CPO reached its decision on Nov. 22 following an investigation.

“I’m not complying. I’m not submitting to re-education. I am not admitting that my viewpoints — many of which have, by the way, been entirely justified by the facts that have emerged since the complaints were levied — were either wrong or unprofessional,” he wrote in the National Post Wednesday evening.

Peterson is not even particularly controversial. I do not consider him a right-winger. His current troubles are not from political opinions, but from restating consensus scholarly knowledge.

This just shows how evil the whole field of Psychology.

Peterson has the resources to contest this, but he is not the real target. The real purpose is to intimidate others who might repeat what he says.


CFT said...

All Peterson has to do is ask for specific 'wrong think' examples that the psychobabblers are accusing him of, and cross examine them before a court, not a star-chamber panel. As soon as it becomes apparent that the tilt of all these 'examples' straddles left leaning political preference, it is going to be a very hard sell to convince a court that 'too numerous to count-so I wont even try to indentify even one', 'disinformation','ambiguous interpretations of hate speech' and just plain 'NOT ONE OF US!' count as actual wrong doing or evidence.

CFT said...

I think it is pretty obvious at this point that academia is going to have to split, or a new academia is going to have to emerge. There have always literally been 'competing schools of thought'...until now. It's about time a new 'school' arises that doesn't depend upon a proscribed ideological monoculture and once again frees the student to ask questions.

Socrates never approved of mobs or their following mentalities... with good reason, sanctimoniously woke or otherwise.