Friday, January 27, 2023

M3gan is a gay movie

The NY Times reports:
“M3gan” is also a win for gay movies. And yes, “M3gan” is a gay movie, or more accurately a movie with a foundationally gay sensibility — the gayest non-gay horror film to make a splash since “The Babadook” became a subversive Pride mascot six years ago. ...

But I’m not the only one who thinks there’s something queer about “M3gan.” Articles in The Daily Beast and The Philadelphia Inquirer called M3gan a “queer icon.” The queer publication them called the film “the gay Internet’s new horror obsession.” One moviegoer tweeted: “After seeing it in a theater full of queer folks we can all agree this movie is for us.” ...

“Gays, we love a woman in charge, and the three main characters of this movie are women,” said Bailey, who saw the film in Los Angeles. “Gay men have always loved movies about female relationships.” He pointed to “Thelma & Louise” but also “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” the 1999 darkly comic beauty-pageant mockumentary, adding, “Even though they aren’t specifically gay, they’re about strong females. ‘M3gan’ is the best example of that in a while.”

The M3gan character is a robot with big bug eyes. A lot of movies seem gay to me. I don't know why this is any gayer. Just warning you.

I heard NPR Radio extensively review the new movie Missing, only it kept talking about a "woman" looking for her mother. It was confusing, so I looked it up, and the woman is a Black teenaged girl. I guess they are not supposed to call a Black girl a girl. The review never even mentioned that it was about a Black girl tracing her Black mom being taken in by a Chinese con man.

Reviews of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery don't mention that it is some sort of revenge story involving a super-rich Elon Musk type and some obnoxious Black woman who claims that he stole all her ideas.

I haven't seen these movies. Just warning you about what to expect.

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