Friday, January 06, 2023

Is America a Christian Nation?

Leftist-atheist-evolutionist professor Jerry Coyne write:
The important question, then, is this: was America (and other Western democracies) founded on Christian principles? I aver that Justin Dryer is wrong. ...

Franklin was an atheist, Jefferson a deist who cut out all the words referring to miracles and the supernatural from his Bible (and also founded the University of Virginia insisting that it not have a divinity school), and I’m not aware that Madison or Washington were particularly religious. (John Adams, on the other hand, was.) ...

I reject Dyer’s claim that America was or is a Christian nation except in the trivial sense that most Americans in the late 18th century were Christians. The ideas that underlay America’s founding are simple humanistic ones that long pre-dated the rise of Christianity. ...

And you certainly can’t say that America was founded as a Christian nation simply because its founders professed to be Christians. Everybody was a Christian then. You might as well say that the Industrial Revolution was founded on Christianity.

Coyne is a Jewish atheist who wrote a book on how Christians and Moslems believe in things that are unscientific and objectively wrong.

He has a narrow view of Christianity. This is like saying Israel is not a Jewish nation, because many of its founders did not believe in God or the Exodus stories.

If America were founded by Moslems, Hindoos, Jews, or any other non-Christians, it would have turned out a lot different. That is obvious. America is thoroughly Christian.

Okay, Jefferson was selective in what he accepted from the Gospels. But he based his life philosophy on a edited version of the Gospels, not the Koran or the Torah. I consider him a Christian.

Update: Coyne has a followup about a nearly secular church:

Evolutionary biologist and religion critic Jerry Coyne (University of Chicago) concurs: “Of all existing religions that claim to be religions, Unitarian Universalism (UU) seems to be the least dogmatic and therefore the least harmful — and perhaps the most liberal and tolerant.”
As he explains, wokism has reversed that. UU is now extremely dogmatic Leftist and intolerant.

It is funny how those claiming to be freethinkers, atheists, rationalists, etc. have adopted the Wokism religion, and are more dogmatic and intolerant than the typical Christian.

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