Sunday, January 15, 2023

The Last of Us, Not Infected

The hot tv show is the Disney/HBO/Canadian The Last of Us.

It is based on a video game about some parasitic infection like Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite hijacks the brain and turns people into zombies.

The real lifs T. gondii is spread by cats and affects the behavior of animals, and makes people sick. There appears to be some debate over whether having cats causes people to become feline slaves.

After reading about this disease, I would not live in a house with a cat. Of course cat owners, once infected, say that they are happy to have their minds controlled by a cat parasite.

The show seems to be a metaphor for how woke disease is spreading all over the human race, controlling their behavior, and turning them into zombies.

The potential savior in the show is an infected virgin girl I don't think that they are allowed to extol virginity or moral purity on tv anymore, so she is a lesbian.

I do think that wokeness is like a mind-altering infectious parasite. Once infected, people are no longer capable of rational conversation.

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CFT said...

Liking and living with cats doesn't make someone want to destroy another person's life, or silence all who disagree with them, much less be unable to define what a woman (or man) even is.

Being woke does.