Tuesday, November 30, 2021

More Dubious Trials

This must be the season for dubious trials.

Ghislaine Maxwell appears to be a stand-in for sex-trafficking charges against the deceased Jeffrey Epstein. She and Epstein may be guilty of somehting, but the charges are unconvincing. First, they are all for events that happened over 25 years ago. Second, the charges are very vague, and do not say where and when the supposed illegal acts took place. Third, half the charges are for conspiracy and perjury.

It is hard to believe that they abused dozens of girls, and no one complained until 25 years later. I would not be surprised if she is innocent of the main charge of "enticing", but guilty of uncharged crimes.

The complainers are all prostitutes and gold diggers. They got paid for their services, and now they seek to cash in by telling 25-year-old stories that no one can verify.

We still don't know how Epstein made his fortune, or how he got so friendly with so many big-shots. There are rumors that he was running an extortion racket. It is hard to believe that Epstein made that much money legitimately, without any paper trail. Maxwell surely knows, but isn't talking. This trial is unlikely to give us any answers.

Elizabeth Holmes is on trial for Theranos. Yes, she was running a scam, but she is largely on trial for the Silicon Valley game plan of fake it until you make it. Her investors should not have been so gullible.

Too bad federal trials cannot be televised.

The NY Times reports:

Prosecutors who say Bill Cosby belongs in prison are asking the United States Supreme Court to throw out an appellate court ruling earlier this year that overturned his 2018 conviction for sexual assault on due process grounds. Mr. Cosby walked free from prison in June after serving less than three years of a three-to-10-year sentence. ... Patricia Steuer, 65, who has accused Mr. Cosby of drugging and assaulting her in 1978 and 1980, said that although she appreciated the effort to appeal what she viewed as a flawed decision, she was not optimistic about the outcome.
This is sick. That was over 40 years ago. They were only able to convict Cosby by denying his constitutional rights, and flooding the court with recovered-memory accusations.

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