Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting 3 men, killing 2. He could get a mandatory life sentence for murder.

All 3 men were attacking Rittenhouse. Here is the first:

Rosenbaum battled bipolar disorder and was homeless, according to The Washington Post, which reported he had been discharged from a hospital earlier in the day after a suicide attempt. He had spent more than a decade in prison in Arizona after being convicted of sexual conduct with a minor.
Rosenbaum, shirtless, chased Rittenhouse and threw something at his head, knocking his cap off. Then a couple of shots were fired. Rittenhouse very likely thought that he was being shot at, and turned and shot Rosenbaum.

The 2nd and 3rd men chased Rittenhouse some more, until he fell. The 2nd man hit him with a skateboard and trying to take his gun, and the 3rd waved a handgun, with apparent intention to shoot. Rittenhouse fired from the ground, killing the 2nd and wounding the 3rd.

This is a scandal that Rittenhouse is being charged with first degree murder.

If you are in the middle of a riot and you try to club someone with a gun, what do you expect to happen?

This seems like legitimate self-defense to me. First, Rittenhouse is running away the whole time. This is not a "stand your ground" defense. He was fleeing. Second, all 3 men were trying to do bodily harm to Rittenhouse in the midst of a riot.

Think about it. If you are openly holding a rifle, and someone chases you threatening violence, what do you do?

If hes an armed police officer, you drop you gun and hold up your hands. If he is a shirtless homeless crazy guy, you do not let him get close enough to grab your gun. You have to assume that he gets you down, he will take your gun and kill you with it.

I am not saying that Rittenhouse will be acquitted. The trial will micro-analyze everything he did. Even if his targets deserved to get shot, the prosecutor will probably argue that the shots were reckless, and could have hit an innocent bystander. My guess is that he will get convicted of a lesser crime, and then get a maximal sentence for that crime.

My hope for the American people is up, now that Virginia has turned pro-Trump. The Democrat ran for governor on race hatred, vaccine mandates, and removing parental influence from the schools. Virginians must have wised up to how horrible these policies are.

A columnist for The Hill says that "parental rights" is just a smokescreen for White supremacy:

Unlike their earlier defense of Confederate monuments, the "Parents’ Rights" campaign message at first glance looks to have zero to do with race.

That puts Democrats on the defensive. They are in the uncomfortable position of calling the attention of suburban white moms to divisive racial politics being used by Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign.

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate, calls the Republican message a “racist dog whistle.”

Yes, everything good is a racist dog whistle. Glad to see Virginians saw thru this nonsense.

Update: For those who think White supremacists carried the Virginia election, we can quantify it. As of Nov. 3 evening, the election results are:

Glenn A. Youngkin Republican 1,658,633 50.82%
Terry R. McAuliffe Democratic 1,579,591 48.40%

Lieutenant Governor
Winsome E. Sears Republican 1,655,063 50.99%
Hala S. Ayala Democratic 1,587,318 48.90%

I assume that a White supremacist would vote for Youngkin, and against Sears, a Black woman. But there were at most 3,000 such votes. By comparison, Youngkin won by 80,000 votes. Therefore, White supremacists had nearly zero influence on this election.

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