Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Jews Oppose Teaching Balanced History

The Jewish publication Haaretz reports:
Education officials in the Canadian province of Alberta on Friday repudiated official diversity guidelines that call for highlighting the Nazis' economic achievements and “positive qualities” of European settlers who oppressed of the country’s indigenous population, following uproar by Jewish organizations.

The document, which was posted on the provincial Education Ministry's website and entitled “Guidelines for Recognizing Diversity and Promoting Respect”, urged teachers to consider whether classroom resources “reveal both the positive and negative behaviors and attitudes of the various groups portrayed.”

“For instance, if a video details war atrocities committed by the Nazis, does it also point out that before World War II, the German government’s policies substantially strengthened the country’s economy?” the document asked. ...

According to the CBC, Jewish Federation of Edmonton President Steve Shafir said that he and his colleagues would be meeting with ministry officials to discuss the issue, saying that while the federation was not looking to find someone to blame, it wanted to “ensure that there are some safeguards in place to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.”

The removal of the document was also welcomed in Israel.

“There are no ‘positive aspects’ to Nazism.

I am just trying to follow the logic here. Canada now cannot tell children any of the benefits of European settlements, because that would like acknowledging the good things that Nazis did, and that would be upsetting to Jews, so we must destroy any documents saying that education should be balanced.

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