Saturday, November 13, 2021

Why the Left hates Kyle Rittenhouse

I am trying to figure out why leftists hate Kyle Rittenhouse so much.

A Black, Trump-hater, pro-riot, professor Issac Bailey writes on NBC News:

Those protesters made him shoot them. It was their fault, and only theirs, not Rittenhouse’s. He was trying to do good, to protect this dying nation.

And that’s the same nonsense claim people have been using throughout the U.S.

Predominantly white voters were trying to defend their freedom, so they flocked to an open bigot like Donald Trump and stormed the U.S. Capitol. Angry parents, most of them white, are storming school board meetings demanding an end to critical race theory lessons to protect white children from feeling “guilt” about America’s violent racist history and how it has created the foundation of inequity we still see today. Politicians and local officials — again, many of them white — have stoked this by framing the teaching of race and books that explore its context as something constituents should defend their communities from.

The truth is that too many white Americans probably see themselves in Rittenhouse — afraid of anyone, whether white or of color, who wants to live in a more equitable country — even if some don’t want to say so out loud.

Rittenhouse shot some criminal White rioters. He was charged with the most serious possible charges. The case was assigned to the most experienced and pro-prosecution judge.

The Left has tried to make heros out of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson Missouri's Michael Brown, George Floyd, and now the criminals and rioters who attacked Rittenhouse. Why?

I think they see Rittenhouse as America's last honest man. Not yet brainwashed. Not yet intimidated. Not yet castrated. The Kenosha adults let the riots go on for 3 days. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris encouraged the rioters. Other cities rioted also. No one had the guts to do anything.


MikeAdamson said...

I don't think he's hated so much as pitied imo. It's a shame when a young man is taken in by phony narratives and nonsense ideology and arrives at the place where his life is literally turned upside down. He'll be acquitted but who knows what his future holds. Sad really.

Roger said...

Wisconsin’s governor just put 500 National Guard members on standby, in case people riot over an acquittal.

Some people must really hate Rittenhouse if they are that upset that he will not be imprisoned for the rest of his life.