Saturday, October 30, 2021

Trump-haters Stage False Flag Event

RT reports:
With the Virginia gubernatorial campaign down to the wire, Democrats pointed and shrieked at “Nazis” allegedly supporting their opponent in Charlottesville. The Lincoln Project then admitted to the false-flag stunt.

The election has gone from a sure thing for Democrat Terry McAuliffe to a possible upset by Republican Glenn Youngkin in recent weeks. On Friday, as Youngkin came to Charlottesville for the final campaign push, reporters were drawn to a group of people posing in front of his bus in pouring rain. All five wore hats, sunglasses, white shirts, khakis and tiki torches – in what seemed to be a reference to the 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally that ended in violence.

This is why the new platforms promising free speech, such as Rumble, Gab, Trump's social venture, etc., cannot deliver. As soon as they open up, they will be flooded with Jews and Trump-haters posting neo-Nazi comments. It happens every time.

I don't think that there are any real neo-Nazis, but there are lots of fake neo-Nazis trying to discredit free speech, and frame right-wingers. They will use bots to post thousands of offensive messages. As a practical matter, the platforms have to censor the neo-Nazi spam, or the interesting messages get crowded out.

Also, it is almost impossible to get free of the companies controlling core internet and banking services. They have proved their ability to blackball right=wingers, and they will do it again.

Politico reports:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, one of the most prominent critics of former President Donald Trump in the House Republican Conference, announced Friday he won’t seek reelection next year.

Kinzinger is one of 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach the then-president in January after the riot at the Capitol and his announcement marks the second member of that group to say he will retire from Congress, joining Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio.

There are more grounds for impeach Pres. Biden, than there were ever grounds for Trump. Those 10 Republicans are a disgrace.

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