Sunday, October 24, 2021

NY Times Opinion Recommends Quitting

The NY Times published an op-ed by a Jewish woman bragging about how she was a good person to divorce her husband for selfish reasons. Now it posts a video on quitting:
The Bravest Thing You Can Do Is Quit | NYT Opinion

And now, finally, we’re quitting.

We are quitting our jobs. Our cities. Our marriages. Even our Twitter feeds.

And as we argue in the video above, we’re not quitting because we’re weak. We’re quitting because we’re smart. ...

the extraordinary Simone Biles are barely old enough to rent a car but they are already teaching us about boundaries.

It mostly praises Biles for quitting the Tokyo Olympics, to deal with her personal mental health problems.

There was no mention of her withdrawal symptoms from performance-enhancing drugs.

The video also says Stephen Breyer should quit the US Supreme Court, so that a suitable leftist can be appointed to replace him. The speaker is a woman.

No, this is crazy female leftist silliness. Biles did not quit because she was smart or strong. She quit because she is mentally ill, and could not perform at a top level without her performance-enhancing drugs.

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