Friday, October 01, 2021

Australia Loses Guns, and Freedom

Anti-gun advocates often point to Australia as a White country that successfully banned guns.

The story is exaggerated, as you can read here. People used to say that it stopped mass shootings, but that is no longer true.

The ban only reduced gun ownership from 8% to 5%, so it is not applicable to the USA, where everyone has guns:

So, could such a system work in the United States? The answer is likely no.

There are several reasons; as The New York Times reported, “Australians, on the whole, were happy to give up their guns and accept the new restrictions.” Americans, who, unlike their Australian cousins, have a Second Amendment that provided the right to keep and bear arms and that has been in place for nearly 240 years.

Okay, but Australia is still a free country, right?

Nope. As Tucker Carlson explains, freedom is dead in Australia.

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